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The controversial bail reform that has taken place within our state has unfortunately become extremely politicized with many politicians stoking fear and spreading misinformation to suit their own agenda.


I believe that the policy is a great step forward to create a more fair justice system, but I am not opposed to looking at other states who have pursued similar legislation to see if there's any way to improve the reform and make sure that our communities are safe and that dangerous individuals are unable to harm their communities.

I refuse to entertain the idea that the less fortunate should suffer for the crime of not being wealthy. Non-violent offenders should not face uneven justice based on their own individual wealth. 


It is far past time to begin looking at the inequalities that exist within our justice system, and immediately address them.

New York like all other states in the union still bares the burden of institutionalized racism and inequality that poisons our state, weakens our faith, and harms citizens. 

We need to make sure that our justice system is actually just, and that means we need to reform it and make sure that the public servants who actually want to serve the public are raised up, and those who aim to utilize the system to benefit themselves and harm others are denied the chance to do so.

I will work with police unions, civil rights groups, judicial offices and organizations, and any other related parties to make sure that the injustice that is the Achilles heel of our country does not destroy our state. 


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