Perhaps the biggest headache for New Yorkers is the state's crumbling infrastructure. It's a nationwide problem, but Long Island and New York are truly a cautionary tale of what years upon years of political neglect look like.


For instance, the Kings Park Psychiatric Center has been decommissioned since 1996 and it is still not completely demolished. I want to push to finally demolish the remaining buildings and incorporate the remaining 10% of the land to the Nissequogue River State Park. The other 90% of the former campus has already been incorporated into the park, the final 10% should serve as a community space and informational resource for residents.

Kings Park and Smithtown have been fighting for a sewer system for years and we are finally seeing the first signs of progress, and I intend to make sure the effort is carried across the finish line. Ensuring that our towns have adequate parking for their respective Main Streets will help spur local business and help fill the numerous property vacancies currently found there. 

Dylan Gerard Rice


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