Michael J. Fitzpatrick

My opponent has served in the Assembly for 18 years. In that time he has made one thing abundantly clear: his donors, not constituents, come first.

He is a far-right ideologue in comparison to other Republicans within his caucus, and because of this serves as a powerless "backbencher", unable to effectively serve his District and constituents. Conservatism is one thing, but regressive and backward-thinking policy has no place in our society.

I want to highlight not only his abysmal voting record, but also problematic quotes that highlight how far removed he is from the needs of District 8 and the folks who live here.

Voting Record

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(Warning: It is...depressing)

Fealty To Donors

Campaign finance laws need immediate reform, and perhaps no one makes the case better than Mr. Fitzpatrick.

The only time you'll ever find "Dr. No" voting "yes" is when it directly benefits his donors. His donors include the ultra-wealthy, big business, and just about anybody that benefits from the Middle Class and working people suffering.

Just by looking through his record we can see who he truly represents in Albany.

Attacks on Labor

Mr. Fitzpatrick seems to spend the majority of his time in office attacking labor unions and weakening labor laws within the state.

It becomes clear why when we revisit the topic of his donors. Big business wants workers to be desperate and weak, unable to fight for fair wages, benefits, and better conditions. Fitzpatrick is better suited for the days of the robber barons and company stores, not 2020 New York.

There's a reason his 23 year old opponent and first time candidate has the backing of labor unions

Regressive policy

Fitzpatrick seems to believe that New Yorkers, especially women and the LGBTQIA+ communitydo not have the right to autonomy and self-determination

It is unfortunate that he allows his own beliefs to interfere with his duty as a public servant to serve ALL NEW YORKERS, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, sex, religion, nationality, disability, or wealth.

Not to mention his abysmal environmental voting record.

Our politicians should vote on policy based on facts and science, not on personal bias.

COVID's Comrade

I called Mr. Fitzpatrick out in a recent article in the Smithtown Patch, check it out here!

COVID-19 does not care about politics or ideology. But this fact was apparently not important to Mr. Fitzpatrick, who decided to put his own life and the lives of his constituents at risk for a photo with a Trump impersonator.

Oh no, you read that right.

Mr. Fitzpatrick, wear a damn mask.



On Assembly Bill A07750 that would require New York State to cooperate with certain Congressional investigations. This was during the debate regarding President Trump's finances and tax returns, which we now know were hidden due to the President's ample debt to unknown sources and an income tax payment of only $750.



“So please spare me the sanctimony here when we're upset and where the present majority in Congress is upset that the current President will not release his tax returns. He's not required by law and has chosen not to do so. But what's really at work here, as we all know, is presidential politics. A desire to bring down this President and an attempt to weaponize the State Legislature in an effort to do that. It's wrong. We know it's wrong. But this is politics. This is a President who I think is doing an outstanding job on a number of issues, but the other side will not cease in their effort to bring him down. And that's why we're debating this bill and why the Majority is going to pass this bill today”

On Assembly Bill A02683, which extended the statute of limitations for sex crimes committed against a child. I would add more commentary, but I think his words speak for themselves.



“So, I am not going to support legislation that is going to bankrupt not just perhaps Catholic dioceses or the Boy Scouts of America or a university or a hospital or anything like that… Mr. Speaker, I oppose this legislation and will not be voting for it.”

On Assembly Bill A11148, which "Establishes extreme risk protection orders as a court-issued order of protection prohibiting a person from purchasing, possessing or attempting to purchase or possess a firearm, rifle or shotgun." This response is...mind numbing.



“[N]ow (as an effect of this bill), these potential shooters now know that their teachers or anyone in their school could possibly report them. And that puts a target on all of these people's backs.” 

On Assembly Bill A01628, which regulates how much a landlord can raise rents in exchange for individual improvements. His opposition is just more evidence of who is pulling his strings.



“And the City, again, by making the landlord, the building owner, the property owner, the villain, it eases the pressure on the City to do what it needs to do, to either change zoning or create opportunities for developers to come in and fill that need. So, for those reasons, I would encourage a no vote on this legislation, Mr. Speaker.”

(Later, that SAME DAY)


On Assembly Bill A09817, “Under current law, a tenant challenges a rent regulation statement, a court or DHCR cannot consider certain years beyond the four-year statute of limitations. This bill would allow the court or DHCR to consider and determine a legal regulated rent in a year where a landlord has not timely filed an annual rent registration statement.”



“So, I think this would have, you know, a negative impact on -- again, it's another impediment that we are putting in front of property owners who are providing a much-needed service, housing, for people. And a statute of limitations of four years is not unfair. It is reasonable… It will flood -- you'll see a flood of new -- of new cases against landlords if you allow the statute of limitations to stretch beyond the four years. For those reasons, I would advise a no vote on this legislation.”

On Assembly Bill A00433, “return any rent-regulated unit that was deregulated because of the vacancy decontrol laws back to rent regulation and set any re-regulated unit's rent at the actual rent paid by a tenant on December 31st, 2014.”. To put it simply, it would re-regulate unregulated rents. Try to say that five times fast!


“The market takes care of itself… From our side of the aisle, we believe incentivizing developers to come in and build more and meet a market demand. The demand is there, and they will meet that demand if we make it profitable to do so. But here, what we're trying to do through this bill and so many others is to take any kind of profit out of the housing industry”

On Assembly Bill A07486-A, which establishes a motorcycle safety awareness component as a requirement for licensing. Some of these are simply bewildering, this one included.



I think anybody who wants to ride or buy a motorcycle already knows that they should be very, very careful. And those people who own motorcycles who I know already make the extra effort to learn how to safely drive a motorcycle, therefore, I don't -- I do not believe this legislation is necessary.”

On Assembly Bill A954, “This bill would repeal the -- a provision that is sometimes called the "vacancy bonus", sometimes called an "eviction bonus" that currently provides that whenever a rent-stabilized apartment becomes vacant, the legal rent is increased as a matter of law by 20 percent.” 



“You know, the politics of housing is very easy to figure out. One landlord, a building full of voters, guess who wins? Guess who the villain is? And it's very easy. What I have found in the years that I have been debating housing bills is the landlord is always the villain… So, I would advocate a no vote on this bill. It is unfair to the building owners to change the rules like this. The rents are already depressed from decades of rent regulation, stabilization, rent control”

On Assembly Bill A10611, which relates to the "disclosure of law enforcement disciplinary records; and to repeal section 50-a of the civil rights law relating thereto". Essentially, police records regarding misconduct can no longer be hidden from the public and in suits against police.


“I live by one simple rule: I treat people the way I want to be treated. And if we all did that, we wouldn't have these problems.”

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