Long Island has seen what years and years of environmental neglect looks like. Hurricane Sandy rocked us to our core, but unchecked climate change will make Sandy look like a small rainstorm. We need IMMEDIATE action to address our changing climate, and Albany needs to take the lead in this initiative. I promise to push for New York State's existing climate goals to be met even earlier than scheduled, to completely divest from fossil fuels, and to ban any further expansion of the fossil fuel industry within New York State.


We need to make sure that our existing water infrastructure is improved as we have witnessed a steady drop in water quality following heavy rain, which leads to sewage and wastewater contaminating our shores and water sources. We also need to allocate resources to fight the ongoing "brown tide" that plagues the shores of Long Island, and not rely on the resources provided by the federal government.



We also need to make sure that as we make this transition that workers in fossil fuel industries are given proper training and support to ensure they are able to secure higher-paying jobs than they previously had. 

New York and Long Island need to be the leaders in green energy initiatives and industry. My desire is to see New York and Long Island as the world leaders in green energy technology and production. We must not only help fight against the existential threat that is climate change but also revitalize the state economy and provide thousands of high paying jobs to New Yorkers.

Dylan Gerard Rice


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