My district, AD-8, is no stranger to the woes of our modern economy. Existing businesses shuttering, other businesses cutting jobs or benefits, lack of opportunity leading to a mass exodus of the younger generation of Long Islanders. Something needs to be done, and some of the responsibility falls directly on New York State.

Small businesses are the foundation of communities like the ones found in AD-8, and state policy should not only make it easier for folks to start their own business, but also maintain it. Tax credits for small businesses need to be increased, and taxes need to be raised on large corporations that make it much harder for these family businesses to exist. AD-8 will never be home to endless strip malls and large corporate-owned properties, we are a community of families and individuals that want to support each other's goals and ambitions.

I also believe Long Island has the potential to be the home of the next American "industrial revolution": our transition to green energy. Our fishing economy serves as a testament to the dangers of pollutants and disregard for sustainability. We should capitalize on the skills, education, and labor of Long Islanders by bringing green manufacturing to Long Island. We must also ensure that we maintain a self-sustaining economy separate from the rest of the state and serve as the example of choice for the new economy.


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