New York State was the hardest hit at the beginning of this pandemic, but due to our approach and the resilience of our residents we are slowly but surely coming back.

We have lost far too many lives due to the incompetence of the federal government, but New York State set itself apart from their failures by not only listening to the experts, but by taking it seriously and enacting common sense restrictions.

But we need to make sure that as things slowly return to normal, that we are also taking care of those most affected by the pandemic.

This includes small businesses who shuttered to protect their communities, as well as the millions of New Yorkers that lost work due to the economic effects of the pandemic. It is a difficult road ahead, but I promise to be a fierce advocate to ensure that all those affected by the virus and the restrictions put in place as a response to it are made whole.

We need to make sure that working families and individuals are taken care of, and that the ultra-rich and tax dodging companies are not bailed out yet again. 

I want to work to create job opportunities within the state to make sure those who lost their jobs are able to find new opportunities, and folks just entering the workforce are afforded the opportunity to. There is plenty of work that needs to be done in New York, and New Yorkers are more than capable of getting it done. 

We need to pass the New York State Health Act to ensure all New Yorkers have access to high quality medical care, mental health care, and elder care. It will save the state billions of dollars which will allow us to prevent further cuts to programs that assist residents.

We need to directly assist small businesses that need it by setting up a fast-track assistance program to prevent community businesses from closing. 

These are just a few of the priorities I have going to Albany. I know that with your support we can make sure New York comes out of this stronger than before. 


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