Black Lives Matter

Bringing Structural Change to New York

The Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted the almost countless issues that still persist in our society regarding racial inequality and our justice system, and it is far past time to actually address them.

As a member of the New York State Assembly, I will work to make sure that our government and policies lift all of us up, and hold those accountable who continue to keep others down.

The issue is not solely police brutality and policies, though this is a huge factor. It is economic policy, it is our school systems, it is our election laws, and plenty more.

Long Island is no stranger to this fact, as our communities are the product of de facto segregation stemming from New Deal era policies that were never properly addressed. The issues brought to the spotlight by the Civil Rights movement unfortunately persist, and they need to be resolved.

How do I plan to address these issues? 


  • End "Broken Window" policing

  • Expand "community oversight", including civilian run oversight committees for policing

  • Limit the use of force (Choke holds, Rules of Engagement)

  • Increase independent oversight (Special Prosecutors Office at State level)

  • Community representation in our policing, both in membership and feedback

  • Enforce stricter body cam rules and protecting the rights of citizens who film police and other public servants

  • Expand and increase training across the board, with a focus on de-escalation as well as implicit and unconscious bias training

  • Greatly expand the required hours of training needed to serve as a police officer

  • End the practice of "for-profit" policing, including arrest quotas 

  • Demilitarize the police and end any and all transference or purchasing of military grade equipment for state and local police forces

  • Remove protections included in police union contracts that shield members from accountability

(Visit Campaign Zero for more information on this topic


  • Shift responsibilities that have been placed on police departments including issues of public health and poverty to social workers

  • Move excess funds that are currently given to police departments to other departments including social programs and services to prevent crime before it starts

  • Invest in our public education system and educational resources to provide opportunities to all New Yorkers

  • Pass the New York Health Act to provide healthcare, mental healthcare, and eldercare to all New Yorkers as a public good


  • Reject any campaign donations from police unions until all of the above issues are met

  • Fix the election finance laws that allow police unions and other organizations to influence and control politicians who accept their donations

  • Form a commission to investigate and offer solutions on de facto segregation within the State and how best to address it

  • Crackdown on discriminatory practices within private businesses that affect minority communities within the State 

Please be sure to check out my issues page to see the other ways I plan to make New York work for everyone. 

This fight is far from over, and I look forward to continuing it up in Albany as a member of the Assembly.


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